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Missing Movement Patterns

Moveology application

When Moveology compile an exercise plan to restore missing movement patterns. We aim to reinstate missing movement patterns back into the body.

Our goal is to have the person moving better around their centre of gravity incorporating all types of muscle contractions, tissue tensions and joint movements.

Old movement patterns.

The typical therapist/trainer learn anatomy from textbooks of varying detail. The anatomy knowledge explains how muscles move joints, which is then applied to exercise. This is usually within a gym environment.

Unfortunately the exercise concept is then applied to human movement. Then using the term ‘functional’, which leads us to the misleading rational that we move our joints using concentric and eccentric muscle contractions alone.

This misconception leads to enhancing movement patterns you have and neglecting the patterns you do not have.

Better movement awareness

What about all the other tissues in the body that combine to enhance movement? The ‘spring’ like mechanism of ligaments, skin and fascia. In essence these tissues store energy like a spring and uses the energy to help joints act as pendulums.

This type of energy storage is found in the elastic properties of the tissue and is known as the ‘stretch shortening cycle’

It is imperative that we work with the stretch shortening cycle and to reinforce those missing movement patterns.