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Its all about you

What clients hears and says

Its all about you, thats why we always want our clients to be given the full picture and put everything into perspective. Its human nature to seek answers, hear an explanation that sounds right to you and then hang that issue on that explanation. It is important to Moveology that we clearly explain whats going on with you, and not scare you with horrendous anecdotal notions.

There are many ‘if so, therefore it is’ statements we hear. One that is common, “I have back pain because I have bad posture”. Firstly, what is ‘bad posture’? The question we put is that we can round up 1000 people with ‘bad posture’ that have no back pain, so, why is it that you have back pain, what is the reason that you have discomfort?

You, the individual

As human beings, we are magnificent and uniquely individual. The client has a history, unique dreams and desires and special experiences that add up to make you.  That is why at Moveology we want to understand who you are, what it is about you, how your life is and how you view life around you. When you come into the clinic it is all about you.

How you view pain

There is also the psychological aspect of pain and how it is manifesting in you. Lets say you have gone over on your ankle (for a little bit of terminology you have a grade 1 inversion sprain of the right ankle) so have ended up with a minor sprain with a little swelling. Now we all know that it is a minor injury and the tissues will heel in a round 6 weeks. This does not mean you’ll be in pain for 6 weeks.

Now, the pain will feel worse, if lets say you are entered into a half marathon that weekend, or you are a nurse who spends 96.7% (not accurate, but we know it’s a lot) of their time at work on their feet. Therefore there is a heightened anxiety now associated with your injury. Let us share that burden, get your head into the real world. There are plenty of races you can attend, and all the training has made you into a fit individual. There is also no weakness in you taking a couple of days off work to recuperate. Its easier to work efficiently when you are not in pain.

Its all about you, and we apply the science to your individual needs and hopefully quash any bro science that has come your way.