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Are we training consciously?


Through out the day, we are consistently training our bodies. We are training consciously and subconsciously.

When we take part in exercise, we are training consciously and of our own free will. Most of us have undertaken exercise for some event, exam, task or just like working out. The goal is to allow our bodies to adapt positively.

We as humans are magnificent in adapting to our surroundings and in training adapting to stimulus. When we are subjected to a  stimulus, such as exercise, we do this consciously so that you body create a response. But what about the subconscious adaptation to training?

Subconscious training.

There are other day to day activities, which can also be considered as training such as driving, working, commuting. These can be considered training methods as we do them for long periods of time and have our bodies adapt to that surrounding.

If you sit at a desk for hours a day, you are subconsciously training your self to be in that situation. You are affectively training your body to adapt to the surrounding environment in a negative manner. This is generally not a problem for active people as they will go back to training their bodies and stimulate patterns that may of been lost while sitting at there computer.


Usually when you have an injury that seemed to have rectified itself you can usually bet that you have altered your mechanics to compensate for the pain you are feeling. In essence you have taught yourself  new patterns and have forsaken the entirety of free movement.

At Moveology look to rectify and reinstall these patterns while trying the pain in parallel. Please go to to find out more about missing movement patterns.